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Wow thank you SIMPLY DAVELYN for nominating me for this fun award! I think it is such an amazing idea to knit this whole community closer together and I just LOVE IT! I am quite a nosy person, so I absolutely love to know random facts about people…. for some reason I just find it extremely interesting!!! Don’t judge……guys seriously I’m normal… I swear! Hahaha. Anyways lets get this show on the road I guess.


Fact numero 1: I have possibly the worst birthday of existence…. December 31st. Can any day of the year be any crueler than that.

Fact numero 2: I have a pet turtle and his name is Mr. Murphy. He is super cute and I will insert a picture for you guys to see in a future post.

Fact numero 3: I am very short, I am only 5’1!

Fact numero 4: My favourite drink to order at Starbucks is a caramel macchiato. Iced in the summer, hot in the winter. 🙂

Fact numero 5: I am Canadian and proud… eh? Eh!

Fact numero 6: My dream job is to become an elementary school teacher and travel to third-world countries to teach children English.

fact numero 7: A little hobby of mine is photography, I love it! I took it as a course in high school and now have a professional  camera.

Here the awesome bloggers that I nominate! P.S. (GO FOLLOW THEM!)

Leila Lina






The Rules GUYS:

  1. Share seven facts about yourself in a post on your BLOG!
  2. Thank/link, in your post, the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Nominate five or more bloggers for this “award.”
  4. Display the rules in your blog post.
  5. Have fun!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD <3

  1. Thanks for completing this! Loved reading your numero’s 😉 Also, you should look into missions trips abroad – there are actually a lot of teams that will let you stay in a third world country (for 1-3 years), to teach English to children, without a college degree! So often they just need people who are willing! Right now I am looking into going to Argentina for the same purpose!! Hopefully everything will work out for us!


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